At McFadden, we believe that a proper metal finishing is the essence of art. Unlike our competitors, we do all of our finishing in house. This includes power coating, liquid painting, brushing, and polishing.

While every effort has been made to accurately represent our options and finishes on this web site, variations in computer monitors and display settings may not render them exactly. Matches to the swatches shown on this site are not guaranteed. Where color matching is critical, please request actual material samples from our factory.

Finishes and Diffusers

Metal Finishes


Aluminum (PBA)

Nickel (PBN)

Bronzetone (PBZ)

Satin Brasstone (PBT)

Antique Brass (PBB)


Polished Aluminum (PPA)

Polished Brass (PPBCC)


High Gloss Black (PBH)

High Gloss Black (PBS)

White (PWH)

Beige (PBE)

Gray (PGY)

Dark Bronze (PDB)

Red (PRD)

Copper (PCU)

Yellow (PYW)

Bronzetone Solid (PBZS)

Gold (6GD)

Green (9GN)

Forest Green (PFG)

Dark Blue (PBL)

Traditional Bronze (PTB)

Subway Stainless (PSS)

Satin Aluminum (PSA)

Charcoal Gray (PCG)

Charcoal Brown (PCB)


Speckled Rust (PSR)

Rust Spice (PRS)

Verdi Green Spice (PVG)

Galvanized (PGZ)

Diffusers and Glass

Acrylic Diffusers

Honey Onyx (HON)

Smooth White (SMW)

Faux Alabaster (FAB)

Satin Pearl (SPE)


White Opal (WO)

Custom Art Glass

Art Glass 118MD (118MD)

Art Glass 11K (1KMD)

Clear Glass

Glass Clear (CL)

Glass Seeded (GS)


Stained Wood Finishes

Walnut (WA)

Light Oak (LO)