McFadden specializes in lighting replication. Whether you are attempting to recreate a broken fixture or a 150 year old gas chandelier from a newspaper article, McFadden can provide a replicate.

Replication often takes many hours of historic research both behind a computer and in the field. Many hours of historical research must be?done to compile enough data to accurately replicate a particular fixture.

The replication process can be difficult and time consuming. Enlisting the help of experienced experts early in the process can save significant time and money. Our consultants will happily review your project and walk you through each step, from initial design to final installation.

Take a look at one example of our replication efforts below:

The Cox building in Maysville, Kentucky is a historic building built in 1886.

A fire recently destroyed the building including all of the interior fixtures. While restoring the building, the architect stumbled across a newspaper article that had a low quality image from the late 1800’s.

Our lighting experts did research to identify the time frame that the fixture was originally built, which dictates style and fabrication techniques. We also researched similar lighting of the period to insure historical accuracy in the luminaires material and design. With this information our Engineers were able to create a digital model for specifiers to review and approve.