Over the past 70 years we have designed and built thousands of custom luminaires for churches, institutions, casinos, hotels, commercial buildings, and private residences. We specialize in conceptualizing, designing, and fabricating custom lighting for a wide range of applications.

Explore our archived drawings and follow the custom process below to get started on your custom design.
Submit Concept

Whatever you can conceive, we can engineer. And whatever our engineers can design, our craftsmen can build with care and precision. Napkin sketch or fully dimensional CAD file, we can turn your creative vision into a custom luminaire.

Quote and Submittal Drawing Returned

You will receive a drawing with lamping and dimensions of your custom design. A quote can be provided at this time.

Approve Drawing

The drawing is either approved or additional design changes are made. We will continue the process until you are satisfied with specified drawings and information.

Engineering Drawing

All parts of your custom fixture are drawn and given to our factory for production. Lead time will be issued now.

Custom Fabrication

Our skilled workers create your custom fixtures with care and precision.


You will receive notification of the shipment of your custom pieces with tracking and estimated arrival date.

At McFadden Lighting, we believe that the custom lighting process should be an engaging experience for both client and manufacturer.

When you work with our team, you will be working directly with our Designers and Engineers. We will guide you through all stages of the project from ideas, sketches, descriptions, prototyping, finishing, and installation.


For more information,?Contact Us?today to make your idea a reality.